Technics Universal Group, Inc. sprung as a solid consultant and exporter of educational, vocational and technical training equipment for developing nations. Through a team of qualified professionals, a deep-rooted heritage of customer service, unlimited resources, and a continuous strive for excellence, Technics Universal Group, Inc. has successfully implemented hundreds of projects in a uniquely diversified product range. The company has also expanded its operations and facilities with new offices in several countries including the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.


Technics Universal Group, Inc. is a customer and service oriented company. We communicate with our customers to protect their interests and achieve their goals. We work to the complete satisfaction of the end-user and their objectives. Technics Universal Group, Inc. specializes in consulting, evaluating, equipment supply, training and management of projects which enhances the advancement of developing nations. We work with clients, consultants and suppliers worldwide. We have excellent contacts in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Syria, Japan, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and England.

Project Coordination

We initially consult with project and finance coordinators to develop a time-line for the project and assess the needs of the client. We supply budgetary recommended equipment lists and evaluation procedures to assess the integrated management options. After an initial budget analysis and evaluation, we supply the client with a firm quotation for the equipment required and recommended to meet their criteria. The above actions are developed through extensive technical knowledge and education.

We work very closely with engineers, drafters, contractors, manufacturers, etc. in order to offer technically sound equipment. During the negotiation phase of a project we work closely with the project management team to answer any questions and to provide consultation on all specifications so that the client is able to make informed decisions. Upon award of a contract, we continue working very closely with the client and respond to on-going needs assessments.

We manage the construction of the site, the supply of specialized equipment, financing requirements, consolidation, shipping and documentation requirements, installation of the equipment on site and training. Following completion of a contract, we remain in close contact with the customer to ensure full maintenance procedures are being met, spare parts availability and complete satisfaction of all aspects of the project.



Technics Universal Group, Inc. employs and manages over 200 professionals including electrical, mechanical, and civil engineers, drafters, programmers, technicians, construction specialists, designers, and educators. Our professionals are stationed all over the world and are very mobile. We maintain communications between our US and local offices and are able to have an expert at any site, at any time, should a need arise.

We have an on-line custom designed network computer system that enables us to effectively complete and oversee all projects. We utilize the latest computer and software technology and maintain an extensive database of worldwide vendors and suppliers of equipment for industrial and vocational applications. Our database is continuously updated for the latest technology and information in the field.


We have successfully completed projects in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Indonesia. Our clients have included the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Defense and Aviation, as well as private enterprise. Our contracts have ranged in sizes up to forty million dollars and have involved an extensive range of obligations and responsibilities. We continue to meet the needs of our clients through consulting and supply in a mobile, flexible, and professional manner.